The TANSY, a 1.5U high Hybrid Multi-Service Transport Platform, is a powerful product aiming to assist packetization migrations. It has AC/DC power supplies, intelligent fan, and swappable service sub cards. It can service access voice services, serial data services and Ethernet data services. It can be used in SDH, MEF CE2.0, or MPLS-TP networks, thus meeting requirements for accessing and transmitting traditional transmission services in U&T industries, and playing a transitional role in accessing and transmitting future packet-switched services.

The TANSY, provides one main slot MCC module that includes : 2x STM-1/4 interfaces, 4x GE 10/100/1000 Base-T , 2x GE SFP and 8x E1's in addition three slots for sub cards : FXS/FXO/E&M, Magneto, TP, E1, GE, RS232/V24/RS485,V35/X21 and 64K Codir

The TANSY, can aggregate TDM (PCM/E1) and Ethernet traffic over both Packet (GE) or SDH ( STM-1/4) networks via optical

The TANSY, orientated as an access end devices in the U&T verticals, provides various types of service interfaces, so it can form a comprehensive solution. It can be managed locally or via NMS system. It provides the user-side PoE interfaces and Dry contact interfaces. It can meet special requirements for SyncE and IEEE 1588 clock TC features, so it can support flexible

Service Access By Remote TANSY
   As compact access platform, TANSY can provide whole solution which streamlines end-to-end metro service delivery by combining carrier-grade service assurance, visibility and control with packet efficiency and unparalleled multiservice support. this includes native TDM, MEF CE2.0, and MPLS-TP:

Rich voice access forms
Rich date access forms
High reliability with dual power supplies
Real-time alarm processing on Alarm interface
Flexible interconnection and internetworking

Transmission Network
   Based on packet/TDM transmission, E-TREE service SLA monitoring supply high-available performance for U&T production and management network.

Management platform can control all the leaf and root devices together.
Traditional SDH transmission
PTN transmission in Ethernet mode or MPLS-TP mode to reduce CAPEX and OPEX
Ring protection and chain protection NView NNM system
SLA Portal features, KPIs(FD, FDV, FLR)

       Product Features     

Key Features

E&M, 8MT, FXS/FXO ,E1 interfaces(Balanced and Unbalanced)

V.35/24, X.21, RS232/422/485, C37.94, 64K interfaces

PWE3 encapsulation protocols include SAToP and CESoPSN

Up to 10 * 1G Ethernet Interface, include PoE

STM1/4 to 622M SDH transmission

MEF CE2.0 to 1G transmission

MPLS-TP to 1G transmission

IEEE 802.3ah Link OAM, IEEE 802.1ag end-to-end connectivity OAM and ITU-T Y.1731 end-to-end service and performance, SLA reporting

MPLS-TP compliant to G.8113.1, providing both scalability and service security

Carrier Ethernet ITU-T G.8031 line protection

Carrier Ethernet ITU-T G.8032 ring protection

SDH Protection ( SNCP and 1+1 APS)

Alarm input/output interface

Compliance IEC 61850-3

Intelligent monitoring the KPIs (FD, FDV, FLR)

MEF40 E2E service provisioning

ITU-T Y.1564 SAT technology

Technical Specifications

Capacity : 16G Switching capacity

Physical Interface :

   Uplink : 2x1Gbps SFP, 2xSTM1/4

   Downlink : 4x1Gbps RJ45, 8xE1

   SNMP : 1 10/100Mbps SNMP RJ45

1 Console interface :

   Alarm interface : 2 Rj45

   Clock interface : 2M BITS Rj45

Power Specs :

   Full load : ≤150W

Dimensions :

   442 mm (W) x 266 mm (D) x 66 mm (H)

Standards & protocols :

   IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.3ag/ITU-T Y.1731, ITU-T G.8032 support, ITU-T G.8131, RFC3031 3985 4385 4448, G.823 G.825 G.8261 support, UL compliance, CE compliance, MEF CE2.0 compliance, IEC 61850-3 compliance

Environment :

   Operating Temperature : -20~70°C

   Storage Temperature : -25~75°C

   Humidity : 10~90% non-condensing

STM1/4 to 622M SDH transmission

Intelligent monitoring the KPIs (FD, FDV, FLR)

ITU-T Y.1564 SAT technology

Capacity : 16G Switching capacity

Alarm interface : 2 Rj45

Full load : ≤150W

442 mm (W) x 266 mm (D) x 66 mm (H)

Uplink : 2x1Gbps SFP, 2xSTM1/4

Downlink: 4x1Gbps RJ45, 8xE1