SHDSL Bis Modem is a simple, cost-effective, dedicated managed modem that extends the range of high-speed services over existing copper pairs.

       Product Features     

Features :

Built-in Four Port Ethernet

Manual and Adoptive speed configurations over SHDSL Line

Supports 3.5Kms on 5.7Mbps in 2 wire operation and 11.4mbps speed in 4 Wire operation

Supports TCPAM-128 for 15mbps and 30mbps speeds

End to End EOC monitoring for the Loopbacks and Status Monitoring

Remote Ethernet Ports Status Monitoring through EOC channel without interrupting the data path

Supports EFM Bonding over the SHDSL lines

Supports All Annexes of SHDSL Lines

Supports TCPAM-16/32/64/128

Supports STP/RSTP

Supports 15mbps in 2 Wire operatoin and 30mbps in 4 Wire operation

Technical Specifications:

G.SHDSL Line Interface

Line type : 2Wire (single pair operation)

Line Code : TCPAM as per the ITU-T G991.2

Line Impedance : 135 Ohms

Connector : RJ45

Transmit Signal Power up to : 16.8dBm

Line protection : As per ITU-T K20 and K21

Specification : ANSI T1.601

Line Probe : Enable and Disable Function Enables the automatic Speed Adoption facility

Distance : Supports 15mbps in 2 Wire operatoin and 30mbps in 4 Wire operation

Ethernet Interface Specifications:

No. of Ethernet ports : 4 (4 Port Switch), RJ45 connectors for UTP cables

Interface Compliance : IEEE802.3 Compliant

10Base-T and 100Base-TX support

High Performance Look up engine with the support for 1024 MAC address entries with the automatic learning and aging

Each Ethernet Port statistics Transmit, Receive, Error, FCS, Packets Display

Bridging Protocol Supported: Ethernet Over First Mile EFM Protocol

Supports Auto negotiation and the Auto Cross Over for each and every port

Supports Speed, Link and Activation on each Port


Menu Driven Console from RS232 Serial Port Operating with the 9600Baud Rate

Supports Telnet, SNMPv1, SNMPv2

Supports HTTP for configuration and Status Management of the SHDSL line as well as the Four port Ethernet switch

RS232 Serial Ports Specifications:

Baud Rate: 115.2Kbps, 8, N, 1 Format

Supports VT100 Emulation with the Menu driven Self Guided

Front Panel Indications:

PWR, COT/ RT, DSL_LNK, TEST, ALM, Ethernet Ports Speed, Link and Activation

Built in power:

DUAL Mode AC/DC, 100 to 240VAC +/- 10%, 50 to 60Hz & -24/-48VDC +/- 10%


-5 to 70℃


Up to 90% Non condensing



AC/DC Power cord or adapter plug

Applicaton Diagramme - I

Applicaton Diagramme - II

Built-in Four Port Ethernet Switch

Supports 3.5Kms. on 5.7Mbps speeds(2wire) and 11.4Mbps(4wire

Transmit Signal Power : Upto 16.dBm

Line type : 2Wire (single pair operation)SHDSL

Connector : RJ45

GSHDSL Line (15mbps in 2wire & 30mbps in 4wire)

No. of Ethernet ports : 4 (4 Port Switch)

Supports Telnet, SNMPv1, SNMPv2(Ethernet Interface)

Supports VT100 Emulation with the Menu driven Self Guided