FABIO-4C is a modular integrated Access TDM multiplexer with 512 x 512 cross connect ability, which integrates multiple dedicated data, voice and LAN channels over multiple main (network) links. It can provide maximum 4E1 capacity for accessing and transmission with cross-connect capacity is 512×512 64Kbps. It provides full range of voice and digital data services to subscribers located at different locations require to interconnect and establish a voice and data network over E1 link.

    The flexible, 1U high, 19-inch, 3-slot modular FABIO-4C Chassis with a wide choice of I/O (user interface) modules is designed for applications ranging from small campus networks to multi-site corporate networks or extensive carrier access solutions.

    Due to FABIO-4C's standards adherence, central office based cross-connect units (DACS) can separate voice and data, sending each to the appropriate carrier or service.

    FABIO-4C enables carriers to successfully deploy bundled services and Internet access. The integration of a broad range of services makes FABIO-4C a cost-effective access device, with reduced deployment and maintenance costs. The equipment conforms to international standards, ensuring compatibility in multi-vendor environments worldwide.FABIO-4C is designed to carry Various Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Digital Axle Circuits optical fiber (STM).

    FABIO-4C is designed to carry Various Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Digital Axle Circuits over optical fiber (STM).

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       Product Features     

Key Features

Compact 1U high, 19-inch chassis

Number of uplink-slots : 1

Number of service-slots : 3

Modular construction with three (3) slots for hot-swappable I/O modules

Max. E1 channels : 4, Cross-connect capacity 512×512 64K

Frame structure : Supports optional CRC-4 and PCM 30/31 settings.

Timing : Internal Crystal Oscillator clock, Clock received from any link (loopback)

Versatile 64Kbps User interface : Supports FXO/FXS Voice modules with caller number display, E&M 2/4-wire module with adjustable voice gain, hotline with standard signaling tone and V.24/RS-232 low speed module

   Max. FXO/FXS channels : 30

   Max E&M channels : 24

   Max V.35 channels : 3

   Max FE channels : 3

Performance Monitor: Control panel provides ample control and alarm function.

When an E1 channel occurs errors,sound alarm will be activated and LOS/LOF warning message of each E1 channel will be displayed.

Customer service can be allocated by on-line network operator.

Flexible network topologies : Point-to-Point , Daisy Chain.

Local and Remote Telnet support.

Technical Specifications :


I/O modules : 4E1, FXO, FXS, Hot-line, 2/4W E&M, RS232/V.24, ETH

Chassis(height) : 1U, 19-inch wide

Number of Service-slots : 3 slots for I/O modules

Console port : 1 (RJ-45), Serial

Telnet port : 10/100Mbps (RJ-45), Ethernet

Voice Interface :

Channel sampling rate: 8Khz

Commanding law : A-Law

Voice Interface : 2W / 4 W Signaling FXO, FXS, E&M

Frequency : 300 to 3400Hz

Impedance : 600Ohms

Ring current voltage : 75 ± 15V AC, 25 ± 3 Hz

Data Interface

Low speed data interface : RS232, V.24

Characteristic : ITU-T V.24

Data Format : Asynchronous, Synchronous

Asynchronous data : upto 19.2 Kbps

Synchronous data : 64 Kbps ~ 128 Kbps

Data Interface V35:

Characteristic : ITU-T V35

Bit Rate : N x 64 Kbps, N=1~31

Uplink Interfaces(E1):

Supports 512×512 cross connect ability based on 64K with signaling

Bit rate : 2048 +/- 50 ppm

Code : HDB3

Impedance : 120 Ohms Balanced

Electrical characteristics : ITU-T G.703

Transfer characteristics : ITU-T G.823

Jitter performance : ITU-T G.823

Disaster Management Communication (IR):

FABIO series devices are suitable for disaster communication for extending various services to mid-section in Indian Railways

Power Supply:

AC : 100V ~ 240V AC (220V nom) DC to AC adaptor and DC : -36V ~ -72V (nom : -48V DC)


Operating Temperature : -5 to +55°C

Operating Humidity : 5% to 99%

Air pressure : 86 to 106 KPa

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Number of Service-slots : 3 slots for I/O modules

Telnet port : 10/100Mbps (RJ-45), Ethernet

Frequency : 300 to 3400Hz

Bit rate : 2048 +/- 50 ppm

Number of uplink-slots : 1

Console port : 1 (RJ-45), Serial

Chassis(height) : 1U, 19-inch wide

I/O modules : 4E1, FXO, FXS, Hot-line, 2/4W E&M, RS232/V.24, ETH

Local and Remote Telnet support