TEAMLINK 5088 TS 16 port Terminal server is a versatile and high performance system that provides 16 asynchronous RS232 ports, one console port and one Ethernet port or 8 port In-built ethernet switch. The TEAMLINK terminal server enables the users to remote login the system using the rlogin and Telnet and TCP/IP network.

       Product Features     

Key Features

Connecting the RS232 Terminal Ports using the TCP/IP protocols

Connecting through the Telnet and Remote Login using the TCP/IP Protocols Over the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Interface

Connecting the Remote Host systems after power on using the implicit connections

Built in 8 PORT Ethernet switch ordering time Option

15KV ESD Protection on Each Terminal port for the Rugged Operating conditions

Configuration and status Monitoring is from menu driven console and Telnet port with the multiple telnet sessions

1500V AC Isolation protection on Transmit, Receive and Ground connections of all Asynchronous ports

Supports Answer back codes on each terminal ports

Supports TCP Client and Server , Telnet client and Server Options, Rlogin client

Implicit , Fixed, switched Mode of configuration on each Terminal Port

Parallel Printer port

Technical Specifications :

Terminal Ports:

Number of Ports:16

Compliance :RS232 Asynchronous

Connector Type: RJ45 with the TXD, RXD, GND signals

Terminal Port Speed : Speed Up to 115.2Kbps

Protection : 15KV ESD Protection on Each Terminal Port

Indications: Transmit and Receive

Implicit or switched Mode of connections between each Terminal port and the Host.

Supports Multiple Sessions and Each Terminal Port will supports 8 sessions

Allows the switching between Multiple sessions

Status Display of Each Terminal Ports for the Sessions status and current sessions

Ports Statistics ( Over run errors , Parity Errors etc )

Protocols Supported:



DHCP, Static Routing


Ethernet PORT Specifications:

Supports 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps speeds According to the ITU-T 802.3 u

Each Port Enable and disable functions

10Mbps / 100Mbps Half Duplex / Full Duplex Flow control Operation

Compliant to IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3 u, IEEE802.3x standards

8K MAC Address entries with the automatic learning and aging

Port Based VLAN

Supports Auto Cross Over and Auto MDI-X Option

Transmit and Receive Packets and Errors statistics

RJ 45 Connector

Parallel Printer Port:

No. of Ports : 1

Compliance : Centronics, PC Compatible, on 25 pin D-type socket


Configuration and Status Monitoring of the Terminal Server is using Menu driven consol or Supervisory using the 115.2Kbps / 9.6Kbps , 8Bit no parity RS232 Port

The RS232 Console/ Supervisory is compliant with the ITU-T V.24 / EIA RS232 Asynchronous Format

Allows the Multiple Telnet sessions for the concurrent Operations from different administrators

Password Protection on the console and Telnet to prevent the unauthorized person’s login into the terminal servers

Firmware Up gradation is using the FTP Protocol

Local Prompt on each Terminal Port

Supports SNMP V1 and V2


Port Level Statics and Diagnostics facility

Port reliability feature

Sending the Message on Terminal Ports

Port Level Error statistics Parity Errors, Over Run Errors etc

Trace Route from Console and the Each Port for easy checking of the Ethernet connectivity from Terminal server to the Remote Host.


Transmit and Receive on each RS232 Terminal Port

Link and Speed on each Ethernet Port

Power Supply:

190V AC to 270V AC Operation.

47Hz to 53Hz Frequency.

Redundant Power supply is an ordering time Option.


Operating Temperature : -5 to +55°C

Operating Humidity : 5% to 99%


Rugged Metallic Aluminum Casing as for the Field Conditions

19” Rack Mountable system 1U Height

      Terminal Server Application Diagramme    

Number of Ports:16

190V AC to 270V AC Operation.

47Hz to 53Hz Frequency.

Protection : 15KV ESD Protection on Each Terminal Port

Supports 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps speeds According to the ITU-T 802.3 u

Port Based VLAN

Compliance :RS232 Asynchronous

Supports SNMP V1 and V2

Built in 8 PORT Ethernet switch ordering time Option