Teamlink 3104 Ethernet over PDH converter uses the next generation PDH technology such as generic framing procedure(GFP G.8040), Virtual concatenation (VCAT G.7043) and link capacity adjustment scheme(LCAS G.7042).

  SNMP-based element management software provides SNMP traps, status polling, and configuration. Remote element management is available in Teamview EMS.
  The Devices are managed in-band or out band from the Fast Ethernet user port or via the TDM port. Management traffic and user Ethernet traffic are transported together on the same Ethernet flow, separated by different VLANs, thus ensuring traffic security based on port based or tag based VLAN.

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       Product Features     


Teamlink-3104EE is intelligent converter connecting fast ethernet LANs over E1 circuits. They enable service providers and ISPs to supply transparent ethernet services, without interfering with user traffic.

The 802.1 priority scheme enables users to define four different QoS levels, according to the application requirements.

The fast ethernet handles frame size setting to 1522, 1526, 1654, 1784 bytes


Connects fast Ethernet LANs over E1 circuits.

Inband and out-of-band management access vis: ASCII terminal, Telnet, SNMP, Teamview - EMS

Wire-speed packetforwarding

4-levels of QoS, based on four VLAN priority queues as per 802.1p

Ethernet Frame size settings

VLAN Tagging Un Tagging.

MAC table Display

Ethernet transmit,Receive,Collision and error packets display

Ethernet Rate Controle.

Special tag for the management traffic that will transmit in the same traffic to ensure the inband management functions.

Enables the higher bandwidth capacity Ethernet Services to Remote locations.

TEAMLINK 3104 uses next generation Ethernet Over PDH network protocols, Virtual Concatenation and Link Capacity adjustment scheme.

Inter operable with the any device which is using the standard Protocols like GFP,VCAS,LCAS for connectiong.

VLAN - aware and VLAN - Unaware operation.

Wire speed packet forwarding based on No.of E1s.

Delay Compensation up to 255ms among the E1.

Self-Learing Ethernet Briding

QOS based on VLAN Priority

Technical Specifications

Sends Alarm notification to Manager IP address for the following

E1: Up / Down

Ethernet : Up / Down

Loopback : On / Off

If the ethernet error packets or collusion packets are reached more than threshold values.

E1 Interface Specifications

Number ports : 4

Compliance : G.703 / G.704

Data rate : 2.048 Mbps

Line Code : HDB3, AMI

Line Impedance : 120 Ohms, balanced

System Clock : Internal or loopback timing

Diagnostics : Remote and local loopback

Connector : RJ-45

Ethernet Interface Specifications

Type: 10/100 Base-TX and 100 Base-FX Mbps auto negotiation, full/half duplex, flow control.

Compliance : Confirms to the relevant sections of IEEE 802.3 and 802.3U

Connector : RJ-45 and LC type for fiber.

WAN Protocol

TEAMLINK 3104 uses next generation Ethernet Over PDH network protocols, Virtual Concatenation and Link Capacity adjustment scheme.


CRC Type : 16 or 32 bit selection.

Built-In Power:

Dual Mode AC/DC, 230VAC +/- 10% & –48VDC +/-10%

Power consumption:

< 2W


-5 To 50°C


Upto 95% non condensing at 35°C


   PWR : Power status.

   E1 Los : Fiber Ethernet Port Link.

   Link1 : Fiber Ethernet Port Link.

   SPD1 : Fiber Ethernet Port Speed.

   LINK2 : Copper Ethernet Port Link.

   SPD2 : Copper Ethernet Port Speed.

Ordering Information:
Teamlink 3104EE ManagedFast Ethernet over 4E1 converter.

Supplied Accessories :
AC/DC power cord or adapter plug.
10Meters E1 cable for each port.
10Meters Fiber Optical Cable.
10Meters Ethernet patch card.
Interface adapter for converting a balanced E1 RJ-45 connector to a pair of BNC unbalanced coaxial connectors supplied when ordering E1 unbalanced option..

      Application Diagramme    

E1 Interface: Number of Ports-4

MAC table Display

Data rate : 2.048 Mbps

Connector : RJ-45

Ethernet transmit,Receive

Collision and error packets display

Uses next generation Ethernet Over PDH network protocols

Compliance : G.703 / G.704

System Clock : Internal or loopback timing