TEAMLINK 10/100Mbps Ethernet Media Converter transparently connect the Copper UTP cable to Multimode/Single Mode Fiber for providing the economical means of connectivity .

The Inbuilt Power Supply will have the bridging circuit for detecting the AC and DC power supply Automatically.

       Product Features     

Key Features

USB Port for powering the device.

Enable or Disable the PORT Link UP and DOWN for both the copper and the Fiber ports.

Packet size settings from 1518 Bytes,1522 Bytes,1536 Bytes,1664 Bytes,1784Bytes.

Broadcast and Multicast storm filtering.

802.3x Flow control Pause Packet for the Full duplex and Back pressure function for the Half Duplex operation.

Link Pass through Enable or Disable.

QOS based on VLAN priority.

Copper Port is having the Auto MDIX Function for Auto TX/RX swap by straping –pin.

MAC Table Display for the Copper and the Fiber PORT.

Store and Forwarding architecture and performs forwarding and filtering at non blocking full wire speed.

1 USB Port.

Technical Specifications :


CLI: Menu driven Serial Console for the configuration and the sttus monitoring very easily.

TELNET: In-band menu driven command line interface access via the telnet.

HTTP: web interface for use common internet browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

Firmware Download: Update the latest firmware using the ISP programmer or the TFTP protocol.

Copper Port Specificatins:

Auto Negotiation:If Enabled the Mediaconverter uses 802.3u Auto Negotiation on the TX Interface.If Disable the PORT Settings are according to the configuration either speed, Duplex and Flow Control..

LINK Pass Through: If Enable then the Copper port is DOWN when the Farend Fiber Link is DOWN,If Disable Copper.

Port is always shows the LINK UP and DOWN STATUS.

Portx 10Mbps or 100Mbps(Default).

Duplex: Half Duplex or Fulduplex (Default).

Flow Control: Enable(Default) or Disable.


RJ45 Connector for the Copper PORT.

SC/LC Type For the Fiber Optical Port.

The SC or LC is the Ordering Time Option.

Fiber Optical Port Specifications:

Optical Mode: Single Mode or Multimode.

Wavelength: 850nm/ 1330nm/ 1550nm.

Mode: Simple or Duplex Mode ( Single Fiber or Dual Fiber).

LED Indications:

Copper LINK and ACTIVATION LED and 10Mbps or 100Mbps SPEED LED.


POWER: Power Supply ON and OFF Condition.

Note: Be sure that while checking the LED Indications the PORT is Enable or Not.

Built-In Power:

In Built 230V AC or 48V DC.

The Inbuilt Power Supply will have the bridging circuit for detecting the AC and DC power supply Automatically.

In Built 230V AC or 48V DC.

Duplex: Half Duplex or Fulduplex (Default)

Speed: 10Mbps or 100Mbps(Default)

Copper PORT: Rj45

Fiber Optical Port: SC/LC Type

USB Port: 1

Optical Mode: Single or Multimode

Wavelength: 850nm/ 1330nm/ 1550nm