TDMoIP to 8 E1 Converter

Product Overview :

8E1 TDM to Ethernet Converter (CESOPSN / SAToP) is designed as a multiservice access platform for PDH and V.35 over Ethernet applications. Structured / unstructured E1 and V.35 data can be mapped/de-mapped into/ from Ethernet packets. An adaptive clock recovery method for Ingress PDH (PSN -> TDM) clock generation is implemented to support E1 (ITU-TG.824) Jitter performance.

Features :

  • Support IEFT RFC4533 Structure- Agnostic TDM over Packet (SAToP), Metro Ethernet Forum MEF8.
  • One E1 NRZ Serial Interface with LOS/AIS detection.
  • One V.35 (Nx64K) interface.
  • Use Raw Encapsulation method for PDH payload over Ethernet packet.
  • Support Circuit Emulation Service over Ethernet (CESoE) transport over Ethernet networks.
  • Comply with IEFT draft standard for CESoPSN and SAToP; Metro Ethernet Forum MEF8 IA.
  • Support both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint operation.
  • Support Adaptive Clock recovery block for Ingress PDH (PSN ->TDM) clock generation. Recovered clock jitter is compliant to ITU-TG.824 (E1 Jitter Control).
  • configurable jitter buffer depth to compensate up to 40ms of Packet Delay Variation.
  • Provide Subscriber side Data traffic bandwidth control to guarantee enough TDM payload bandwidth.
  • PDH LOS detection triggered PW L field or payload AIS generation at Egress direction (TDM -> PSN).
  • Configurable IEEE 802.3 DA/SA assignment.

Technical Specifications :

User Interface (CPE SIDE)

  • Port: 1x E1 (ITU-T G.703) and 1x V.35.
  • Interface: RJ-48c (120 Ohm), BNC (75Ohm) and M/34 female (V.35, DCE).
  • E1 Line Coding: HDB3.

Ethernet Interface (CPE / CO SIDE)

  • Port: 2x 100 Base-T Ethernet. One is for downlink and the other is for uplink.
  • Interface: RJ-45


  • H x W x D: 44 x 370 x 215 (mm)

Environment Condition

  • Ambient Temperature: 0℃~50℃ (0℃~65℃,optional)
  • Storage temperature: 0℃~ 85℃
  • Relative humidity: 5 ~ 95% non condensing

Main Power Supply

  • AC: 110 ~ 240V @ 47 ~ 65Hz
  • DC: -72V ~ -36V (Option)

Configuration & Management

  • RS-232 console port (Craft Terminal) or SNMP-based management