Product Overview :

Surges are transient phenomena involving built up of potential and flow of currents of magnitudes server times higher than the normal working currents and voltages resulting in partial or complete damage of equipment or reduction in life of components / equipment
Results of Surges
Interruption of the services rendered by the equipment
Replacement cost of the circuit of the equipment
A study conducted by the IEC in several countries revealed that the loss due to surges is 27.4%
TEAMLINK: VAJRA ensures that surges are handled effectively and the down time due to surges is minimised to near zero
Protects 2-wire data communication devices that connect to telephone lines (such as modems and line drivers) against surges and transients and can protect up to four devices
Improves link up time and reduces service costs by protecting telephone line data communication devices (e.g., modems and line drivers) against surges and transients within specified limits
Fast response to surges allows use with high speed data communication equipment

Technical Specifications

Designed to allow connected equipment to comply with international standards such as

  • ITU-T K.20/K.21
  • IEC 61000-4-5
  • TIA-968-A (formerly FCC part 68)
  • GR-1089
  • Ul60950 (formerly Ul1950) Recovers automatically from over-voltage surges
  • Metal Box: compact Size
  • Product suitable for Telecom equipment such as Modems Line Drivers
  • Each TeamLink Vajra Support four Telecom Products protection
  • Earth Pin provided
  • The unit provides protection against damage caused by power cross and induced power surges as defined by ITU, Telcordia Gr1089,and IEC 62368-1.
  • Resettable Over current Protection, Fast time-to-trip
  • Product connects on the 2 wire DSL line and protect the telecom unit from DSL line surges
  • Provision of wall mounting with key holes at either end of the box for easy fixing
  • Product as terminal block on the DSL line input for easy termination and identification
  • Product as Wago connector press fit on the Modem side for easy installation & identification
  • Product is rugged metal box with clear marking for each input & output port
  • Each individual port is isolated from each other to protect from surges
  • Internal box has the necessary arrangements to protect the telecom devices connected to it from surges
  • Components used are solvent resistance as per MIL Standard 202
  • Components used are moisture resistance level 2, J-STD-020

TeamLink VAJRA is NABL accredited LAB tested for surge protection to adhere to ITU-T K.20/K.21, IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 62368-1 standards