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TEAMLINK NEON Intelligent service aggregation device is optimized for multiservice adaption, aggregation & routing, especially onto a modern ethernet & IP/MPLS infrastructure.

NEON:IPMPLS Device complies with all specifications of Indian Railways RDSO Document:STT/TAN/IP-MPLS/2020 Ver 1.0 Dec 2020:LER–LSR

TE VIEW Complies with RDSO : STT / TAN/IP-MPLS /2020 Version 1.0 Dec. 2020 : NMS


FABIO-4CS-RE Integrating Access Device (IAD) with Auto Changeover, Quad Health Status, DSL built-in(Digital Axle Counter, UFSBI,SCADA-RTU, Datalogger etc.)


The TANSY, a 1.5U high Hybrid Multi-Service Transport Platform, is a powerful product aiming to assist packetization migrations. It has AC/DC power supplies, intelligent fan, and swappable service sub cards. It can service access voice services, serial data services and Ethernet data services.


Teamlink FABIO-2CX helps in interfacing the attached devices with ITU-T V.21/V.23 to connect to E1 or Optical 1+1 channel. It is most suitable for Indian Railway Signaling Applications like Axle Counter/UFSBI Inter-connection.




IPMPLS + Packet Transport Network

MPLS-TP is a packet transport technology that incorporates congruent paths, fault management, and network visibility. MPLS-TP is a packet transport technology based on MPLS. Also known as IP/MPLS, MPLS is a protocol-agnostic IETF standard used to carry circuit and packet traffic over virtual circuits known as Label Switched Paths (LSPs)




Hybrid multiplexers which support SDH-PDH technologies so that the product can have multiple utility and can communicate to SDH or IPMPLS network as required and also provide PDH services like E&M, FXO, FXS, RS232 to legacy network, these devices are capable of working on optical fiber or E1 or copper as required, high utility needs in Transportation, Power, Oil, & Gas etc., industries


Software Define neworking devices with TDM interface built in provided to assist the industry migration to SDN - IPMPLS - SDH network seamlessly, this device supporting SDN and TDM interfaces will enable the end user industry to use any service provider as required for their migration or multiple service providers to help them have more reliability, a first in india or the world designed for helping the local industry in migration to newer solutions.