Managed Power Distribution Unit

Product Features :

  • Each power OUT LET can be switched ON,OFF and Reboot.
  • Each Unit which is connected to the Outlet of the PDU can be rebooted from the remote place without the interference of the MAN.
  • Managed PDU be accessed through Three Interfaces, Menu driven RS232.
  • Serial Interface, Telnet, Web Interface and also from the Proprietary SNMP MIBS.
  • Can be configured using the Standard EMS software through the MIBS.
  • Alarms can be configured for the Reboot.
  • All alarms can be sent to the Manager IP address.
  • Multiple users can be logged, Minimum 5 users are allocated.
  • Can change the username or passwords at any time in the administrative mode.
  • All outlets are configured for any user name specific so that user can know where the each outlet has connected.

Technical Specifications :


  • RS232 Serial.
  • Telnet:Out of band Menu driven Serial Interface through the standard Telnet session.
  • SNMP:Full Read and write capability of converter through the MIB browser.
  • Proprietary MIB-II Supported.


  • Rack Distribution Units where the Power ON and OFF of the Units required more frequently.
  • Central Aggregation station to connect all the Network node through the Power Distribution Unit.

Power Inlet

  • 230V AC INPUT 80A.

Power Outlet

  • Each OUTLET can drive up to 10A AC current on 230V AC.
  • DFDG

LED Indications

  • Each port ON or OFF Indication on front panel.


  • Reset of the Management Unit can be done using manually through the push button on front panel of the Rack or can be reset by the TELNET or WEB INTERFACE.