Managed 10/100 Mbps Media Converter

Product Overview :

TEAMLINK Managed 10/100Mbps Ethernet Media Converter transparently connect the Copper UTP cable to Multimode/Single Mode Fiber for providing the economical means of connectivity .These Managed 10/100Mbps media converters are SNMP manageable to enable the control and status viewing.


  • Enable or Disable the PORT Link UP and DOWN for both the copper and the Fiber ports
  • Packet size settings from 1518 Bytes,1522 Bytes,1536 Bytes,1664 Bytes,1784Bytes
  • Broadcast and Multicast storm filtering
  • 802.3x Flow control Pause Packet for the Full duplex and Back pressure function for the Half Duplex operation.
  • Link Pass through Enable or Disable
  • QOS based on VLAN priority
  • Copper Port is having the Auto MDIX Function for Auto TX/RX swap by straping –pin
  • MAC Table Display for the Copper and the Fiber PORT
  • Store and Forwarding architecture and performs forwarding and filtering at non blocking full wire speed

Technical Specifications


  • CLI: Menu driven Serial Console for the configuration and the sttus monitoring very easily.
  • TELNET: In-band menu driven command line interface access via the telnet
  • HTTP: web interface for use common internet browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Firmware Download: Update the latest firmware using the ISP programmer or the TFTP protocol.
  • SNMP: Full Read and write capability of the Converter through the MIB browser or SNMP server.
  • Sending the SNMP traps
  • RFC1213 MIB II Support
  • Proprietary MIB is also Supported

Copper Port Specificatins

  • Auto Negotiation:If Enabled the Mediaconverter uses 802.3u Auto Negotiation on the TX Interface.If Disable the PORT Settings are according to the configuration either speed, Duplex and Flow Control.
  • LINK Pass Through: If Enable then the Copper port is DOWN when the Farend Fiber Link is DOWN,If Disable Copper
  • Port is always shows the LINK UP and DOWN STATUS.
  • Speed: 10Mbps or 100Mbps(Default)
  • Duplex: Half Duplex or Fulduplex (Default)
  • Flow Control: Enable(Default) or Disable


  • Rj45 Connector for the Copper PORT
  • SC/LC Type For the Fiber Optical Port
  • The SC or LC is the Ordering Time Option

Fiber Optical Port Specifications

  • Optical Mode: Single Mode or Multimode
  • Wavelength: 850nm/ 1330nm/ 1550nm
  • Mode: Simple or Duplex Mode ( Single Fiber or Dual Fiber)

LED Indications

  • Copper LINK and ACTIVATION LED and 10Mbps or 100Mbps SPEED LED
  • POWER: Power Supply ON and OFF Condition
  • Note: Be sure that while checking the LED Indications the PORT is Enable or Not

Built-In Power

  • In Built 230V AC or 48V DC.
  • The Inbuilt Power Supply will have the bridging circuit for detecting the AC and DC power supply Automatically.