Vision and Mission

Infrastructure Management Services can be generically defined as running a service for a customer by a vendor on the agreed outcome measured as Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a fixed price. Certain components of managed service could be variable in nature and priced using hourly rate card. The service is managed by the vendor pro-actively with minimal management overhead of the customer. The service is applicable to applications, infrastructure or both.

Our team is capable of offering distinctive value proposition for Infrastructure Management Services as predictable services at a predictable cost with continuous improvements and proactive approach. Thus, we enable client to get key benefit by paying less for the same quality of service or getting a higher quality of service for the same price.

Remote Managed Services

Remote Infrastructure Management service is the key stone of our delivery architecture. It possesses a benchmark of full redundancy, high availability, and uncompromising security.

Our Remote Infrastructure Management solutions are based on a robust architecture that is open and scalable and which eases out its integration with any existing scenario. As a result, we provide clients with consistent, reliable and robust solutions at a very competitive cost which helps them increasing their service levels.

Storage Managed Services

Our Storage Managed Services enable you for comprehensive management of your storage operations in accordance with your specific service-level requirements. With our Storage Managed Services, an exclusive team of storage management professionals assumes full onsite responsibility for all or part of your storage environment over a fixed term.

Our Storage Managed Services enable clients in:

  • Meeting the storage service-level requirements
  • Focusing in-house staff on other key elements of the business
  • Improving quality of storage service delivery and the IT environment
  • Depending on more predictable costs
  • Proactively planning storage management with detailed reporting

IMS Implementation

Infrastructure Management System is responsible for the management and maintenance of the IT infrastructure required to deliver the agreed level of IT services to the business.

Our IMS services include two domains:

  • IT Operations Control
    IT Operations Control is usually staffed by shifts of operators who carryout routine operational tasks. They provide centralized monitoring and control, usually from an operations bridge or network operations center.

  • Facilities Management
    Facilities Management is responsible for management of datacenters, computer rooms and recovery sites. Facilities Management also coordinates large-scale projects, such as datacenter consolidation or server consolidation.