Ethernet to RS232 Converter

Product Overview :

Ethernet to Serial Converter is a high performance, remote, self-learning Ethernet/Fast Ethernet bridge. Its small size and low cost make it ideal for sensitive bridging applications, or as a LAN extender over synchronous WAN.

Features :

  • High performance miniature remote bridge for Fast Ethernet extension.
  • Wire-speed WAN throughput: 19,700 pps at 10 Mbps.
  • 10/100BaseT interface.
  • Synchronous WAN interfaces: V.24, V.35, V.36, RS-530, X.21.
  • Fault propagation of WAN error conditions to LAN port.
  • Automatic MDIX support.
  • Compatible with applicable parts of IEEE 802.3.

Technical Specifications :

Lan Interface Specifications

  • Eth to Serial Converter is available with a 10/100BaseT interface. The interface operates in full or half duplex Ethernet topologies.
  • Eth to Serial Converter supports a packet length of up to 1784 bytes.
  • Automatic MDIX allows using straight or crossed cables for the LAN connection.
  • MAC addresses of the LAN to which the unit is connected are automatically learnt. Only those frames destined for the remote LAN are forwarded. The LAN table stores up to 2048 addresses and is updated automatically.
  • MAC address filtering can be disabled, allowing all traffic to flow over the WAN link.
  • Flow control for full duplex and backpressure for half duplex are supported.

WAN Interface Specifications

  • Protocol : HDLC
  • Data Rate : Up to 10 Mbps synchronous
  • Connectors :

    • V.24/RS-232, DB-25 female.
    • V.35, 34-pin female via adapter cable.
    • V.36/RS-422, DB-37 female via adapter cable.
    • RS-530, DB-25 female.
    • X.21, DB-15 female via adapter cable.
  • Eth to Serial Converter operates over synchronous links at data rates of up to 10 Mbps. An external clock can be supplied for operation at other bit rates.

Ethernet Interface Specifications

  • Rate : 10M/100M, full/half duplex self adapt.
  • Protocol: support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN).
  • MAC address table: 4096 MAC addresses.
  • Ethernet Total Memory Sizes: 64M Bits SDRAM.
  • Physical interface: RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX.
  • Frame size (max) : 1784 bytes.

General Specifications

  • Built-In-Power : Dual Mode AC/DC, 230VAC +/- 10% & –48VDC +/-10%
  • Temperature : -5°C to 50°C.
  • Humidity : Upto 95% non condensing at 35°C