Ethernet to 16E1 Aggregator

Product Features :

  • TEAMLINK 3116 Transports the Ethernet Traffic over bonded 16E1 lines
  • Enables the higher bandwidth capacity Ethernet Services to Remote locations
  • TEAMLINK 3116 uses next generation Ethernet over PDH network protocols like GFP (G.8040), Virtual Concatenation (VCAT G.7043) and Link capacity adjustment scheme (LCAS G.7042)
  • Supports up to 16 independent VCGS to connect 16 different Remote Locations.
  • Inter operable with the any device which is using the standard Protocols like GFP,VCAT, LCAS for connecting.
  • Four 10/100 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Ports.
  • Mapping of the Ethernet Traffic to the VCG is based on user VLAN for multiple VCGS. Transmits Tagged and Untagged Packets.
  • VLAN-aware and VLAN-unaware operation
  • Tagged Management traffic for separating it from user traffic
  • Wire speed packet forwarding based on No.of E1s
  • Delay Compensation up to 255ms among the E1
  • Self–Learning Ethernet Bridging
  • QOS based on VLAN Priority
  • Maximum Ethernet Frame size 1700Bytes.
  • Enabled DHCP client will automatically Obtains the IP address, Mask,gateway to minimize the installation time.

Technical Specifications

E1 Interface Specifications

  • Number ports : 4 / 8 / 16E1 Ports
  • Bit Rate : 2.048Mbps
  • Line Coding : HDB3
  • Line Impedance : Balanced 120 Ohms
  • Interface Connectors : RJ45 or Two BNC Connectors
  • Complies With : ITU G.703 and G.704.
  • System Clock : Internal or loop back timing
  • Connector : RJ45 Connector

Ethernet Interface Specifications

  • Number ports : 4
  • Ethernet Interface : 802.3, 802.u Compliance
  • Type : 10/100Mbps, Auto Negotiation,Auto Cross Over
  • Connector : RJ45
  • Flow Control : Full/Half Duplex operation
  • Max frame size : 2000 bytes

WAN Protocol

  • Encapsulation : GFP, HDLC GFPoPDH
  • Bonding : VCAT – Up to 16 VCAT groups, LCAS
  • Delay compensation : Up to 250ms Among the E1s

Management & Maintenance

  • In band or Out of Band Management via Network Port Using the Telnet, SNMP v1 or v2, TEAM View EMS
  • E1 Alarms and the Ethernet Alarms notifications
  • Ethernet Transmit, Receive, Collusion, Error, Short Length Packets Display
  • MAC Table Display For Each Ethernet PORT
  • Local Management is from ASCII terminal connected to the Local RS232 PORT
  • Remote inband management is from one of the user Ports using the Telnet or SNMP.

Power Supply

  • Operating Voltage : 230VAC +10%, -15%, 50Hz and -40VDC to -57VDC
  • A single power supply supporting both AC and DC power. Auto detection of AC and DC I/P
  • Redundant Power supply ensures uninterrupted Data transmissions.


  • Remote Loopbacks on E1 Interfaces

Local Terminal Port

  • Type : RS232
  • Data Rate : 115.2Kbps
  • Connector : RJ45

LED Indications

  • PWR, E1LOS[ 1to 16E1s ], ETHLINK, ETHSPD, TEST.


  • -5 To 50°C


  • Upto 95% non condensing at 35°C