Terminal server

Product Overview :

TEAMLINK Multi service Access platform equipment of 7U height, 19 Inch width standard (the rack size is 311mm*293mm*482mm) This System enables the complete services integration to the remote Last mile
TEAMLINK VMUX is having the VC12 cross connection at the STM1 Level as well as 1920 x 1920 64Kbps Timeslot Interchange switch for cross connection or aggregating the E1 channels, This will reduce the number of Physical E1 Links transmitting towards the STM1 uplink or E1 uplink
The TEAMLINK VMUX is having 7U chassis consisting of 16 slots, Downlink DSL cards, Ethernet uplink card, E1 uplink card, STM1 uplink card and Digital cross connection system
TEAMLINK EMS Software for the configuration of the VMUX as well as the Last mile Modem

Features :

  • Provides STM1/4/16 Optical Interface uplink
  • Provides the Gigabit Ethernet uplink card for end to end Ethernet transmissions
  • Provides the E1 uplink card for aggregating All DSL lines or terminating the DSL lines into the E1s
  • Provides the Four Numbers of 8 Port DSL Card or 8 G.SHDSL lines for transmitting the Ethernet or E1 Data to the last mile CPE
  • Provides the 64Kbps Digital Cross connect system for 64Kbs timeslots interchange switch for the cross connection
  • Removal and addition of any cards will not disrupt the traffic on other cards
  • Uplink or Aggregation of traffic is possible via E1s, STM, or GE
  • Number of DSL cards is an ordering time option
  • The VMUX can be realized 4 DSL Cards + One E1 uplink card and One STM1 uplink card
  • Each card is Hot Pluggable in the Rack
  • LC type SFP module Hot pluggable for the STM1
  • Diagnostics facility
  • Fan tray for cooling the System
  • 230V AC as well as 48V DC Power Supply.
  • Redundant power supply

Technical Specifications

Number of Cards :

  • Two Numbers of Power supply cards
  • One Management Card
  • 1920 x 1920 64Kbps Digital Cross connection card
  • One STM1/ STM4 Uplink Card
  • One 8 PORT E1 Uplink card
  • Four Numbers of 8Port DSL card
  • One Gigabit Ethernet Card for the Ethernet Aggregation

Management :

  • Provides one 10/100Mbps Ethernet port for the out of band management
  • Provides the in band management using the DCC channel
  • Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2 for the configuration and Management of the Local VMUX as well as the Remote Networking Terminal Unit or Modem using the Embedded operation channel
  • Provides the EMS Software for the Management using the standard SNMP south bond interface protocol
  • Supports the North bond interface for connecting the NMS for the Management
  • Supports local and remote firmware online update without disturbing existing traffic

TEAMLINK VMUXRACK Specifications :

  • Height :7U
  • Number of slots :16
  • Uplink card : STM1/4 Card , Gigabit Ethernet Card, E1 Card
  • Downlink cards : 8 G.SHDSL ports DSL card
  • Input AC Voltage : 85 to 264V
  • Input DC voltage Range :-36 to -72V DC
  • Power Consumption : Less Than 300W Hole Equipment
  • Management Ports : One 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and Console
  • Dimensions : 311mm*293mm*482mm

STM Card Specifications :

  • STM1 uplink is having two STM1 / 4 Ports for the Point to Point and Point to Multipoint connection
  • Supports 1+1 Path Protection
  • Supports VC12 , VC3 Cross connection facility
  • 32VC432VC4, 96TU-396TU-3, 2016VC122016VC12 non-blocking cross-connection
  • LC type SFP module, hot-pluggable
  • Traces any timing source of STM-1/4/16 uplinks or STM-1 optical tributaries, or external timing source
  • Supports External timing output.
  • The timing source can be switched manually or automatically.
  • Supports free-running, tracing and hold-over modes
  • LC type SFP module Hot pluggable for the STM1
  • 1+1 line card protection to realize clock module hot-backup
  • 1+1 linear unidirectional/ bidirectional Multiplex Section protection (MSP) and SNCP protection.
  • Point-to-point, chain, ring and tangent ring network topology

Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation Card Specification:

  • One Gigabit Ethernet uplink card for the Aggregation of All Downlink Lines
  • Up to 128 VCGS can be aggregated towards the Ethernet uplink
  • Supports VCAT and LCAS protocols
  • Supports HDLC as well as GFP protocols
  • Supports 220ms differential delay among the E1s
  • Supports point to point and point to multipoint operation

E1 uplink Card Specification :

  • Supports frame and Unframed mode of operation
  • Provides the Mapping of 8E1 Links towards the STM1 using the VC12 Path
  • Supports PCM30 and PCM31 Operation
  • Number of E1 ports 8/16

DSL Downlink Card Specifications :

  • Number of DSL Lines For One Card is Eight numbers
  • Number of DSL cards supported for One VMUX is 4 numbers total 32 DSL lines for One System
  • Terminating All these DSL lines or TDMs into the 64Kbps cross connection first
  • After cross connection Mapping of All 32 TDM lines to VC12 path using the E1 to STM1 Mapper
  • Supports the Clock Recovered from STM1 or E1 Interface or Internal clock
  • Supports 64Kbps to 2048Kbps in steps of 64Kbps speeds
  • Provides the multistage protection using the ITU-T K.20 and K.21
  • Supports Embedded operation channel for configuration of the Networking Termination unit or remote DSL modem
  • Firmware up gradation from Local console or Central Processor card.

Timing :

  • Traces any timing source of STM-1/4/16 uplinks or STM-1 optical tributaries, or external timing source
  • Supports External timing output
  • The timing source can be switched manually or automatically.
  • Supports free-running, tracing and hold-over modes

Power Supply Card Specifications :

  • Supports Redundant backup
  • Supports Hot pluggable
  • Either 230V AC and 48V DC or 48V DC and 48V DC operation
  • Consumes Less Power