Product Overview :

TEAMLINK 5045 Multiplexer consists of Four E1 channels and 3 Service slots for the user Interfaces. TEAMLINK versatile multiplexer is having the digital cross connection for mapping of the voice and Data channels to E1 timeslots & vice versa. Voice Interface is having the FXO, FXS and E&M Interface

Features :

  • Compact 1 U Size with 19 inch rack module
  • All Main E1 as well as service slots are on the back side of the Unit
  • E1 Alarm and Service cards alarm indications are provided on the front panel
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Interface and serial consol interface for the configuration and status monitoring of the versatile interface
  • Supports Framed and Unframed operation on E1 interfaces
  • Supports Framed PCM30/PCM31 with the CRC-4 Enable and disable functionality
  • Performance monitoring on the E1 channels when E1 interfaces goes LOS, AIS
  • Can connect Point to Point or chain kind of topologies for the Voice and data transmissions
  • Local and Remote Telnet options for the Management Interface
  • Supports RS232 as well as V35 Data Interfaces
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet user Interface for Bridging Applications
  • Supports 230V AC/ 48V DC as well as 24V DC operations

Technical Specifications

E1 Interface

  • Number of Ports:4
  • Supports G703/ G704 Framing Modes
  • Supports CRC-4 Enable and Disable Operations
  • Supports Internal and Recovered clock operations
  • Supports Digital cross connection facility on the E1 channels for mapping to the next location for chain or ring applications
  • 1024x 1024 cross connection facility

Voice Interface

  • Channel sampling rate 8Khz
  • Commanding law : A-Law/ U-Law
  • Voice Interface : 2W / 4 W Signaling FXO, FXS, E&M
  • Frequency : 300 to 3400Hz
  • Impedance : 600Ohms

Data Interface RS232

  • Asynchronous Data rates from 9.6Kbps to 115.2Kbps
  • Synchronous Interface supports upto 128Kbps speeds
  • Interface ITU-T V.24

Data Interface V35

  • Supports Synchronous V35 Interface
  • Operates from 64Kbps to 2048Kbps in steps of 64Kbps
  • Clocking option selectable
  • Clock polarity can be modified as Invert and Normal for synchronizing the Serial Routers
  • Interface ITU-T V35

Ethernet PORT Specifications

  • Supports 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps speeds According to the ITU-T 802.3 u
  • 10Mbps / 100Mbps Half Duplex / Full Duplex Flow control Operation
  • Compliant to IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3 u, IEEE802.3x standards
  • Supports Auto Cross Over and Auto MDI-X Option
  • RJ 45 Connector
  • WAN Protocol HDLC


  • Configuration and Status Monitoring of the Versatile Multiplexer is through Menu driven consol or Supervisory using 9.6Kbps, 8Bit no parity RS232 Port
  • The RS232 Console/ Supervisory is compliant with ITU-T V.24 / EIA RS232 Asynchronous Format with 9.6Kbps speeds
  • Allows Multiple Telnet sessions for the concurrent Operations from different administrators
  • Password Protection on the console and Telnet to prevent the unauthorized person’s login into the Versatile Multiplexer
  • Firmware download using the X-modem protocol from serial port
  • Supports SNMP V1 and V2


  • E1 Interface Loopback facility for testing each E1 Interface as well as Data Interface V35
  • Alarm Indications for the Loss of Frame and Loss of Multi frame CRC Errors etc.

I/O Modules

  • 4 E1 Interface card
  • 4FXS Interface Card
  • 4FXO Interface Card
  • 4E&M Interface Card
  • Number of service slots 3
  • Number of Network slots 1
  • Telnet and Console for the Management


  • E1 Signal UP/ DOWN, FXS, FXO status Indications
  • Link and Speed on Ethernet Port
  • TD, RD LEDs for Data Interfaces

Power Supply

  • 190V AC to 270V AC Operation
  • 48V / 24V DC Power Supply


  • Operating Temperature : -5 to +55°C
  • Operating Humidity : 5% to 99%


  • Rugged Metallic Aluminum Casing as for the Field Conditions
  • 19” Rack Mountable system 1U Height