2port Managed LAN Extender

Product Features

  • Embedded Operational channel(EOC) for controlling and monitoring remote unit
  • Provides multi stage line protection as per K.20 and K.21
  • External Secondary optional Line Protection Device
  • Long reach up to 11Km for standard 64Kbps speed
  • Interchangeable user interface cards in the same modem and field upgradeability
  • User interface cards can be ordered optionally depending on the field requirement
  • Noise Margin Indication for sensing line quality
  • Status monitoring using SNMP & TELNET
  • AC and DC built-in power supply

Technical Specifications

G.SHDSL Line Interface

  • Line type : 2 Wire (single pair operation)
  • Line Code : TCPAM as per the ITU-T G991.2
  • Line Impedance : 135 Ohms
  • Connector : RJ45
  • Transmit Signal Power : 3.5dBm +/- 0.5dBm
  • Operating Range : 6Km on 0.5mm dia copper cable @ 2.048Mbps in 2 wire operation, 7.5Km on 0.5mm dia copper cable @ 2.048Mbps in 4 wire operation and 11Km
    on 0.5mm dia copper cable @ 64Kbps in 2 wire operation
  • Line protection : As per ITU-T K20 and K21
  • Transmit Level : Upto 14dBm
  • Line Code transmission
  • Specification : ANSI T1.601
  • Connector : RJ 45 and 3 Pin terminal Block.

Ethernet Interface Specifications

  • No. of Ethernet ports : 2 (2 Port Switch), RJ45 connectors for UTP cables
  • Interface Compliance : IEEE802.3 Compliant
  • 10Base-T and 100Base-TX support
  • 2 K MAC address level filtering
  • Transparent Ethernet Bridge, Auto learning and aging
  • Auto Speed Sensing
  • Auto polarity detection

Modem Configuration

  • Management port operating speed 11500, No Parity and stop Bit.
  • Loop back, pattern generation, configuration and status monitoring shall be through switches and also through SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) and
    TELNET using Ethernet Management port.

Diagnostic Tests

  • Local Loopback, Digital Loopback and Remote Loopback as per the V.54
  • Built in test 511 pattern generation and checking.
  • Diagnostics & Monitoring through EOC Channel without interfering data transmission.
  • Loop backs, test pattern generation and checking using front panel switches.
  • SNMP Management Port & TELNET.

LED Indications


Built-In Power

  • Dual Mode AC/DC, 230VAC +/- 10% & 48VDC +/-10%


  • -5 To 50C


  • Upto 95% non condensing at 35C